Important Notice for Visitors Participating in Activities at Pintong Bukawe

Photo: ATV Adventures Rizal

Pintong Bukawe (also spelt Pintong Bocaue or Pintung Bukawe) is a rural barangay in the Sierra Madre foothills. It is part of San Mateo, Rizal, although local businesses often show their address as Antipolo, because public access is via Antipolo, rather than San Mateo.


We have had many guests stay with us who were participating in trail runs in Pintong Bukawe (the annual Rizal Mountain Run is the biggest) or one of the tours offered by ATV Adventures Rizal which is located in Sapinit Road, Pintong Bukawe, about 7 km from The Astley Residence.


Sapinit Road is the road that leads to the back gate of Timberland Heights, so on the map it looks easy to stay with us before or after an adventure day in Pintong Bukawe (and both Google Maps and Waze will route drivers directly to our house through the back gate).


However, as several guests found out to their dismay, access to our house from the back gate of Timberland is not as easy as it looks on the map.


The reason is that the ‘road’ from the back gate of Timberland Heights to the top of Timberland Avenue is a rough fire trail, and requires a high wheelbase SUV in the dry season, and a four-wheel drive vehicle in the wet season.


The fire trail is only 1.6 km long, so takes no more than 10 minutes to travel, but can’t be used by ordinary cars. And of course, there is no public transport on that road (but there is a jeepney service from Pintong Bukawe to the back gate).


Also, the fire trail is on private property, so can only be used by Timberland residents or employees of Filinvest Land, the property owners. So unless a guest has a letter of authority from a Timberland resident or Filinvest, they will not be able to enter through the back gate in any event.


The only alternative route is one through Cogeo, Masinag, Marikina Heights, Fortune and Barangay Sto. Nino in San Mateo - a 30km journey that will take at least an hour.


For guests participating in events/adventures in Pintong Bukawe and who wish stay at The Astley Residence, there are two options:


  1. If you have a suitable SUV or 4WD we can pre-register you with Timberland security to permit you to enter through the back gate. We will then send you a letter of authority that you can show to the guards at the back gate.

  2. You can arrange to leave your car in Pintong Bukawe and we can pick you up and bring you to The Astley Residence, and then take you back to Pintong Bukawe after your stay (ATV Adventures will permit clients to leave cars overnight at their premises).


Alternatively, you can drive ‘the long route’ through Marikina if you are heading in a different direction after your stay, but be prepared for a drive of about an hour and 15 mins (or longer on Friday and Saturday nights when the Marilaque Highway between Cogeo and Masinag is often jammed).


Note that the AFP - Pestano Farm Trail between Sapinit Road and Silangan (which appears on Google Maps to be a shorter route than through Marikina) is NOT suitable for any types of four-wheeled vehicles. It is suitable for motorcycles only in dry weather.


For guests staying with us and who do not have a 4WD or SUV, we can provide transfers in our Nissan Navara 4WD to and from ATV Adventures at Pintong Bukawe for 300 pesos (two trips, 2-4 guests). It takes 17 mins each way.


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